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Call 1-800-522-7097 to find out more about costs for treatment.

*We ( provide a nationwide call center for those who need assistance locating a rehab center. This is NOT a phone number for Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center, it is a third party service. To reach Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center directly please call (318) 728-2970


Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center specializes at restoring quality of life to addicts and their loved ones. We specialize in the fields of Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab; assisting those affected by chemical dependency and even cultural related addictions such as gambling. We do not offer a quick, temporary method of treatment and ensure all our patients receive genuine permanent solutions to their addictive problems. Bandages repair cuts and bruises, they do not heal addiction.

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center is located in a beautiful rural area. With a 70 acre campus and excellent facilities we offer the people, support and the environment in which to start your life again.
Alcohol Rehab is a treatment structure that focuses on both the physical and psychological aspects associated with this form of abuse. Our experienced team offer bespoke professional guidance, speaking from personal backgrounds and offering encouragement during your time of need.

If the individual is committed to beating their alcohol addiction then we are committed to helping them. We are not here to patronize, demean or inflict guilt; only to offer a private sanctuary for Alcohol Rehab.

It is proven that Alcohol Rehab is the most effective solution to smash the ˜cycle' of dependence and break free from the oppressive nature it creates. If you are serious about starting a fresh, you have already taken a significant step forward.

Drug Rehab shares similar principles to that of Alcohol Rehab. This form of addiction can take over every aspect of a life. Distancing family, breaking the law and financial ruin are a few of the significant outcomes from becoming addicted to drugs.

Addiction is a progressive, destructive monster misunderstood by large parts of society. We aim to provide our visitors with opportunity to get their lives back on track and offer Drug Rehab the way it should be.

Other addictions follow the same traits as above. The impact can be just as significant and our rehab facility will provide the backbone to renew your live. There is no shame, only the potential of a future when we begin to help.

Our Program of Addiction Recovery
Unlike many other Rehab centres, Palmetto Addiction Treatment Center offers a variety of treatment programs which include:

- Residential Treatment Program

- Professional Recovery Program

- Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Our staff set targets and goals to aid with the recovery process; it is not like a hotel - we do not have specific stay periods and do not treat the stay like a vacation.We also understand that addiction affects more than just the individual. With this in mind we offer family counselling sessions and evaluations to make sure that everybody can assist in the Alcohol and Drug Rehab process.Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center services provided: Substance abuse treatment services Substance abuse treatment, Detoxification, Buprenorphine Services.

Type of client services: Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders
Payment and insurance accepted: Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders
Self payment, Private health insurance.

Contact 1-800-203-6612

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

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$2,225 /Weekly
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86 Palmetto Road
Rayville, LA - 71269

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center is a rehab facility in Rayville, LA. According to data we have collected on this website from users like you, the cost range of treatment at this facility is $2,225 /Weekly

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center Costs

Date AddedCost
Feb 7, 2014 $2,225 / Weekly
Jan 1, 2015 $2,225 / 1 - 3 months

Attention: We cannot guarantee the costs to be completely accurate. They are displayed for educational purposes. We have compiled prices provided by users and online research. In order to obtain actual costs please contact Hazel Street Recovery Center directly or call 1-800-780-2294 for a free consultation with a rehab specialist.

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