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1710 Evergreen Ave. , Austin, TX - 78704
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Call 1-800-522-7097 to find out more about costs for treatment.

*We ( provide a nationwide call center for those who need assistance locating a rehab center. This is NOT a phone number for Omega Recovery, it is a third party service. To reach Omega Recovery directly please call (512) 759-8645


Omega Recovery is a counseling and wellness center that treats both addiction and mental health disorders. But more than just treating “disorders”, which are often times merely the symptoms of deeper distress, OMEGA helps people who may be struggling to undergo a transformative evolution into a Self-actualized state.

Omega Rehab & Recovery Programs that will Transform your Life - World Class Addiction Recovery. Omega Recovery is led by an exceptional staff and is an affordable program, offering a high quality holistic addiction recovery for alcohol, drugs & other addictions or process addictions.

Among Austin’s best Rehabs, provide the quality care for addiction, mental health, childhood trauma, family of origins and codependency recovery.

Omega Recovery offers you a unique approach, a customized recovery program, individualized, and comprehensive to address your specific needs.

Recovery is NOT one size fits all, we all have different backgrounds, history, personalities and addictions.

In fact, Omega Recovery & Dr Kardaras is constantly featured in the national news and is considered one the most sought out thought leaders in addiction in North America.

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$895 /Per Month
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1710 Evergreen Ave.
Austin, TX - 78704

Omega Recovery is a rehab facility in Austin, TX. According to data we have collected on this website from users like you, the cost range of treatment at this facility is $895 /Per Month

Omega Recovery Costs

Date AddedCost
Dec 11, 2018 $895 / Per Month - Rehab and TReatment

Attention: We cannot guarantee the costs to be completely accurate. They are displayed for educational purposes. We have compiled prices provided by users and online research. In order to obtain actual costs please contact Hazel Street Recovery Center directly or call 1-800-780-2294 for a free consultation with a rehab specialist.

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